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Quality Policy

We at Euromar Shipping Agency Ltd. aim to provide the best service in shipping business. In order to achieve this, our quality policy consists of the following:

Prioritizing the improvements in the sector as well as within the company.

Providing help in the process of reducing the sea pollution and increasing the safety within the national and international rules as well as educating the captains on the national rules.

Following the national and international publications closely in order to establish a solid co-ordination between the ships, company and the ship owners by providing an ongoing education on the related subjects to our personnel.

Ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers and their employees.
We always remember this motto, which is also our philosophy. Our Customers' satisfaction is the measure of our success. Euromar Shipping Agency Ltd. agrees to carry out its operations within the line of ISO 9001:2000 management systems and working towards achieving the quality-goals.

One of the more important aspects of our company's activities is its ship agency work and we feel that with our past experience as ship-owner, we can offer a full comprehensive service, tailored to Turkey's special requirements.

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