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      Euromar Agency serving all types of vessels at all Turkish Ports and waterways including Turkish Straits of Bosphorus and Dardanelles.Our commitment to serve our customers is based on a long-life experience and a successful cooperation with shipping companies, all over the world. However, in case of that our assistance pertaining to requested, our technical department may arrange such repairs to be effected at well organised shipyards, of which we are representatives, are well provided with a group of qualified workshops, such as mechanical, electrical, steel sandblasting, dry docking, etc. You may assured that, through our relations with the shipyard and also with the as above, required in connection with the breakdown expenses, specific port regulations  etc.

     Our staff is experienced, forward looking, proactive representatives, intent on protecting your best interests in the ports we serve.You can expect prompt vessel updates, cargo availability and terminal condition reports from us.

     Euromar Agency Services consist of the following;

-          24 hour round the clock services 7 days a week

-          Shipping agency services (ports & transit clearance through straits)

-          Loading / Discharging attendance

-          Prompt Berthing; completion of Customs, Immigration, Port Health formalities etc

-          Project & Heavy Lift cargoes services

-          Ship's supply services (provision , freshwater, bonded stores etc.)

-          Bunkers & Lubricants supply

-          Repairs & Drydocks services

-          Hull, deck and engine survey support

-          Garbage & Waste oil disposal services

-          Diving support

-          To arrange adequate medical facilities for officers & crew members

-          Complete sailing formalities in time and sail vessel immediately on completion

-          Monthly Reports of schedules of vessels at Turkish or other serviced ports

-           Custom clearance of spare parts/accessories dispatched from abroad and their delivery on board 

-          Motorboat & Car services

-          Delivery services(cash to master, spare , mail and store)

-          Advisory in legal matters

-          Constant aware of your vessel's position and upto the minute notification of all her movements

     We are committed to minimizing operating expenses without compromising our reputation for excellence.We serve our customers with professionalism

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